Schlein vineyard bottles
Schlein Vineyard

"Our name should put a smile on your face. But know that we thoughtfully blend Caberent Franc, Petit Verdot and Caberent Sauvignon. It's oak-aged for 14 to 16 months and bottle-aged for at least a year before we release it. The nose is fruit-filled, with lots of chocolate and hints of lavender. The flavor is lush and ripe and the wine finishes well and is delightful with most foods."

- The Schlein family
We are very proud of our 2010 vintage and based on the growing season proud that the composition of Emilio's Terrace 2010 is 100%  Cabernet Sauvignon.
Tasting notes: 2010 was an excellent vintage because of ideal weather conditions: light spring rains followed by warm summer days and no abrupt climate changes throughout the season. Because the grapes achieved perfect, even ripening, they were quite aromatic and very well-balanced, which allowed us to be highly selective at harvest.

Our 2010 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon bestows a lovely perfume of black current and spice followed by sweet, luscious flavors of blackberries that are accentuated by sweet vanilla and violets. Velvety on the palate and richly flavored with melted tannins provide for a alluring finish.